Bike cleaning….man who has time to clean there bike. But everyone even the guys that never clean them would like a clean bike to ride. I’ll share what I’ve learned over my 40 years of bike riding and maintaining to maybe make it easier.

I get asked all the time “is that bike new” and it always strikes me funny because all my bikes are older…even when I roll up on my 79 XS650 people ask me if it’s new. I know realize the bikes are clean so people think they are new. Like most average riders I use my bikes hard and ride 250-500 miles a ride. I found a way to clean them quick and easily. Most people think you have to wash your bike to get it clean and washing is a PITA. I’ll only break out the soap and water if I get stuck in a all day rain storm.

I found a product that works exceptional on every part of the bike. It’s hard to find something that melts bugs away and does not leave a wax build up. Maguire’s Final Inspection 34, it’s their professional line. I found this at NAPA dealers, if they don’t have it in stock they can it they can get it the next day. The key to use it is to work in small areas at a time. Like doing half the shield at a time or just one side of the gas tank. Whats alos great about Final Inspection is it will not starburst at night on your helmet face shield or bikes shield. You can use it on your seat, chrome, paint, shield and adnidozed serfaces…it will make them pop with brilliance.

You should applie it in small sections with a 100% cotton cloth to melt away buys or road grim then dry it right away with a micro fiber cloth. I use Griotes desposbale clothes, I get about 10 cleanings out of one square. I also find Griots disposalble micro fiber towels to work very well. I get about 25 cleaning with the micro fiber towel….I then either wash it or use it for the lower sections of the bike.

The lower sections of the bike….frame, engine, wheels, exhaust lower forks I clean with a damp disposable towel only. I use Scotts disposable pawer towels, the blue mechnaics ones you can get at any hardware store-lowes-home sdepot. You also need a spray bottle filled with water. If you spray the towel…a few pumps on each side…enough to dampen the towel but not enough to leave water streks it works idel. If you dampen the towel, squeeze it together and let it sit for 2-4 mins it work the best. You simply just quickly and easily wipe of the days road grim quickly. This works if yiou clean the bike after each ride…not muiltiple rides then you have to break out the saop and water.

It should only take you about 10-15 mins if you do what I do described above to clean your bike afger each ride from dual sports to chrome cruisers.

On some of my vintage bikes that like to spray chain oil or engine oil on the bike I use the same Scotts disposable towel and I spray it with a citrius clesner like Goo-Gone….you lighy\ly sray the rag and quicly and easily wipe off oil, grease and dirt from that’s days ride. This should only be used on the wheels and engines cases and frame.